Campaign 2015 - Discover the City by Bike

It’s time to go / you meet her / the prettiest one / your bike / you get her ready / she’s ready / get on / your legs are wheels / she’s a part of you / you see the sun / you change your mood / time is in your hands / nothing holds you up / nothing stops you / nothing bothers you / you smell / feel / watch / the city / riding is a rhythm / breathing is a rhythm / your body is moving / exploration / the city in your spokes / cars go by / backwards / the street is yours / true freedom / you smile / you come up with ideas / movement / inspires you / a different path / you choose / you chose / you get off / you leave her someplace safe / you got here for free / you got here happy / you’ve found another way of life / dinamo / another kind of ride

Campaign 2016 - From cyclists to cyclists

We live in a world where the story of products is concealed. You don’t know where they come from or who made them. Dinamo is not a brand, is the name of the project we live for. It’s where we put our ideas into action, to make the allies you and your bicycle need. We’re bicycle activists. We believe in bicycles and their power to transform our lives and the world. We want to innovate without losing the bond with the tradition of work that got us here: getting involved. We don’t forget where we come from nor who we produce for: you and us. Riding is our way of moving, and working, our way of changing things. In Dinamo we are what we do.