In Dinamo we design and produce gear we would like to use. We ride and we work for those who love to do it too.

Cycling is the way we move through the city. We cycle to go to work, to go out or simply to enjoy the journey. We’re designers and we like to use gear that adapts to the bike but are also compatible with urban life. That’s how Dinamo was born in 2012: from our needs and concerns. We wanted design backpacks that could be used as panniers, pants made to ride that could also be worn at work or at a bar.

Dinamo started in the smallest way possible, with one design: a bag-pannier that could be used on the bicycle but that could also adapt to urban life. We conceived it thinking about us, our taste, our needs and those from our friends who also ride. We decided to make it with our own hands, so we set up our own workshop. We decided to meet our clients, so we opened our own showroom.

The success of the bag-pannier allowed and encouraged us, to expand. We added designs, products and different points of sale. We understood that the spirit of cycling can be embodied in products for everyone, that the bicycle is not just a means of transport, but a way to see life. Based on that, with our hearts set on that which makes us urban beings, we design, produce and sell our products. Dinamo is not a brand, it’s the way we live.